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Optimising Business Transactions To Minimise Risk

Today's businesses want to know what their return is on their IT investment, and they want that information in financial terms, not in technobabble.

"How much does the 'Check Out Online Shopping Cart' business transaction cost our department each month in IT expenditure?

They must also constantly monitor their risk exposure in an era of increased regulatory, and SLA, pressures.

"What is our regulatory exposure if the 'Clear Executed Trade' business transaction slows down or fails?".

To achieve all this they need to know that their high value/high risk business transactions are getting priority usage of their costly IT resources.

"I want 'Funds Transfer' business transactions to get preferential utilisation of IT resources over 'Get Account Balance' business transactions.".

This means being able to monitor amd manage real business transactions, not just the IT infrastructure.

"Don't tell me about database transactions, memory resources, CPU utilisation and message queueing transactions, tell me about real business transactions!".

Transflow is in business to meet these needs.

The Transflow Solutions

Transflow's solutions manage, monitor and optimise, in-flight, business transactions, while supporting drill-down access to the underlying IT infrastructure, and risk assessment functionality that quantifies a business's exposure to problems with transaction handling.

Our solutions are based on industry leading software from OpTier as well as IBM-Tivoli and other business partners.


We have solutions that are appropriate at all stages of the application lifecyle as defined by ITIL and all our solutions are backed up by our software architecture and technology practice consulting resources in the UK. Please contact us for further details at contact@transflow.co.uk.

Download our white paper for a description of the composite applications that underlie modern business transactions and their relationships with SOA (service oriented architectures), web services and portals.

Download Transflow's white paper.




IBM Tivoli Continuous Data Protection for Files protects desktop and laptop data files in realtime.

See product details and download a free trial copy.

Transflow provides free application performance appraisals to show how we can optimise your computer resource usage. Register for an appraisal now.

Business partners of Transflow's.

Transflow work with a number of other companies to provide a full range of skills and products.

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